Splish, Splash–Baby Jay’s Bath (9 photos)

Anyone who has had the opportunity to observe Blue Jays will know what characters they are.  I first became acquainted with them when we moved to east Texas from southern Arizona over 10 years ago.   They’ve quickly become one of my favorites.

In the summer I love watching the baby Jays explore the world around them.  The juveniles are still covered in downy feathers on their chest and they don’t have much of a top-notch yet and they are more grey then blue on their backs.  They don’t really fly well either. Instead they, very  ungracefully, flit from one point to the next, all the while screeching what sounds like “Mawmmeee”.  When Mama Jay happens to get a juicy bug, her baby will flit over to her and flap its wings screeching Mawmmeee until she relents and gives him a bite.

I was lucky to have my camera out one morning, while having coffee on the porch, when this baby Jay discovered our rock fountain.  He was fascinated by the water bubbling out of the top of it.  He cautiously landed on the rock below the bubbler and17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0028_wm-2.jpg watched it for a few seconds before hopping onto the top rock.  He looked at it for a while to make sure it wasn’t going to jump up and get him.

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0002_wm-2.jpg

He would glance over at mama Jay, who was eating seed on the ground nearby, and when she didn’t give him any warning to get away, he cautiously hopped onto the top rock and approached the water.

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0064_wm-2.jpg

First he stuck his beak in and then walked close enough to get his breast a little wet.

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0092_wm-2.jpg

Before long he was sitting on top of it flapping his wings and having a good splash.

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0090_wm-2.jpg

At one point he was so enjoying himself he had to sing a little song while he was splashing around.

I had so much fun watching his antics while clicking away with the camera, of course.

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0078_wm-1_edited-3.jpg

Then mama Jay called him away and off they flew.  He has come back to play in the water many times since, to enjoy, what he may consider, his very own little water park!

17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0081_wm-2.jpg 17-06-25_Baby Jay & Fountain_0019_wm-2.jpg


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