A Glimpse of Autumn

As we took a walk this afternoon , between downpours, I began noticing the yellow and reddish hues of the Elm and Dogwood trees. Seems summer might be on its way out and Autumn just around the corner. 🍂I can only hope! 🍁

Splish, Splash–Baby Jay’s Bath (9 photos)

Anyone who has had the opportunity to observe Blue Jays will know what characters they are.  I first became acquainted with them when we moved to east Texas from southern Arizona over 10 years ago.   They’ve quickly become one of my favorites. In the summer I love watching the baby Jays explore the world…

Through the Goldenrod

Because its myriad glimmering plumes Like a great army’s stir and wave; Because its golden billows blooms, The poor man’s barren walks to lave: Because its sun-shaped blossoms show How souls receive the light of God, And unto earth give back that glow I thank him for the Goldenrod. ~Lucy Larcom